Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Three poems from many years ago


Interminably dark, red gold and silver,
The landscapes stretches and scrapes out so softly,
Towards the start of the sharp edge of night,
Into its freedom from the burn of day.

With caves of eyes seen over boulevards,
Floor layered upon floor after floor,
A mesh of lives and minds and work and time,
Which rises over all of those who live.

Dwelling and softly crying for their lives,
From cell to cell they flow deliberately,
Born out of one womb, changing for another,
Living and dying blind and invisibly.

Listen soft, you can barely hear their voices,
So touch your finger to your lips, for lives
Lashed to the bones of collapsed tenements:
Each wound exposes some new wailing mouth.


This quick sharp new world is in ecstasy
Breeze quickens blows and turns, striking so frenzied
Winter it pierces me bluster and blast
Great wheeling frozen slivers penetrating.

The light laced white crystals,
geometric shaped,six sided flakes,
come to violence wind whipped
ice knives cutting at unprotected flesh,
with proud peerlessness, penetrate all defense.

Its whirl churns with fast passing cold cold power,
striking religious glanced shocks to the head,
then all bright white blindness, its glare so pure,
I yearn burn for you, in the whiteness hid.

In fragile glass vessels precious held
Are twenty million nights of liquid dreams
Once lost or broken these pour down to deeps
While washing down stone hills to earth and sand.

And under days sharp seething sun the sea
Dissolves to mist, until with shadow cool
Darkly the sky bleeds back the planets blood
So clear, without a taste of salt sea tears.

The trees with green hands stretching up receive
With flash and blast the sap of life and being
Without which all this foliage growing lush
Would be dry dust on this dead empty course.

Capping the planet diamond poles present
Stars with a frozen state of crystal beauty
The glacial clearness floats in rushing blue
This jewel sphere against black case of space

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