Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Fant Schisms in Chimerica

This data feed must have a reduction – timing – deliverance, “ laughed the Cyber Child, “and my algorithms all fall at the task. This simulation is at the last stages of the age of man, and in that time, designated the anthropocene, Fant-schisms ran through the culture, small groups of ideas and forces that altered and existed, supora memes. Qua-gods.  The aglomo-corp had become the equivalent of pre-humo and they gamboled through the thought fields of psych-Terra.
Not just Rusikov, in Chimerica, comp slaves, as well as farmonks in the vision rooms, used to play our simcoms so that psychmasks, the sins, stable cons, the spirit, and the meta top itself were played out on the sim material. But those simcoms were done, with the paucity of sim mat, in rudimentary form.
In Matiov Ubansky’s Edifice of Beijing an intense but arbitrary society was granted to the simulants in the cubic Habitation of Beijing in the era of Mao VII as proclamation for the cloning of his ancestor.It was designated Grothendieck in the Pyrenees and he himself stands overlooking the last snow-topped Alp as a tide of reduction simplifies all the soft-cons of the audience.
Similar meme wars, chiefly from short quasi-oral transmission, had been generated across the European land mass, up to the time of the first symbolic multi-glyphs. Besides simcoms there were adscams, postwars, and rudimentary catastrophic symphonies performed on tuned metallic architectures, in which avatars and protocomplexes expostulated their standard format.

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