Monday, November 30, 2009

Industrial Architecture: Geometry and Light

1. geometric and angular sun, white radians radiance.
2. Intestine, warped corroded lungs.
3. suspension, time, space, motionless, cabled
4. Lost luminous, sun ultimate entrance

Saturday, October 17, 2009


These are made with a new technique I am trying out, combining 250 photographs or so, out of a sample pool of about three thousand of them, and recreating the textural and tonal values of an original seed image.

The poet David Acevedo.

The Audubon sanctuary, a small patch of old growth forest, at the top of the hill, above Forest Park. Original photo was taken in half light, close to sunset.

Steam coming from an industrial building on the OSHU campus.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Tessellations: Math and Art

I have been reading about and studying mathematical symmetry, the theories of tiling on the plane, and pattern in Islamic art and attempting to create images using my knowledge.

The mathematics is fascinating, one of the greatest accomplishment of 20th century mathematics was the classification of the finite simple groups. From the French revolutionary and mathematician Evariste Galois, through a quirk of numbers, 12 + 22 + ... + 242 = 702 that enables 24 dimensional grocers to pack their oranges in a small box, to the discovery of a strange and beautiful 196, 883 dimensional snowflake, it's a fantastic world. I would very much recommend the book Symmetry: A Journey into the Patterns of Nature, Marcus du Sautoy.
The art can be beautiful, I spent a lovely week in Granada, visiting the Alhambra, which is tiled with patterns of great complexity and beauty. (and on Saturday night pretty Spanish girls walk down the street, past clubs and discos, hand and hand, singing songs and laughing - hola)
In New York, I spent many an hour in the usually empty Islamic art section of the Met.
And in Istanbul, not enough time at the fantastic museum of Islamic art on Sultanahmet Square. I still can picture in my mind a piece of calligraphy, that seemed to spiral and twist from meaning, to pure mathematical form, with pattern that I could not resolve, but must have come from a deep understanding of possibility and application.

Anyway, with all this behind me and in my mind, I tried to make something. I figured out how to do it, threw myself into the fugue of creation, using what I had, and what I could do, made about 35 pieces so far, these two turned out.
If you save these images, you can set them as your desktop image, set it to tile, and the Zhalih's lips, or the spinning head of corrosion and Aimee will tile an infinite plane.

or watch this full screen. The music is Mozart. Queen of the Night. I made this with After Affects

Or even more, a gallery of these and more of my patterns.


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Architectural Mask and Lichen

I have hiked up and down Swale Canyon twice in the last two weeks. Clean air, it's up above the SO2 contaminated Columbia Valley airshed, so the sensitive lichen are large and of many species. Beautiful. I have combined the lichen with a photo of the facade of the Rem Koolhaus Library in Seattle, (a fantastic building - I photographed it at dusk as light shimmered across its surface) and with a photo of Aimee, who loves to paint masks, and is off in Philadelphia now. The glowing light was from a beautiful, convoluted, crystallized, columnar basalt formation, just before sunset.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Dusty Santamaria

I got to know Dusty when David Acevedo lived with him in the house at 10th and Oak(some wild times - I have photos). Since then we have been on quite a few road trips together, and he has been working very hard on his music (and reading a lot, listening to music, and stealing everything he can) (he just said he has 75 songs now).

Friday night he did a show at the Sidedoor. After, he couldn't stop playing, brought out his guitar and played a new song. I hit record on my camera and this is what I got. Gaylin dancing along, Walt playing harmonica in the background, an artist friend of Dusty's leaning against the wall. I could use a better camera, but I work with what I have. The light was dim, colors turned out all red, so I brought it into photoshop and turned it in to black and white (and the quality is not good, it's just not as bad as it was before) I do like it though, nice feel, I think I caught the moment. A last winter night in Portland, before Dusty heads back to New Orleans.

Portrait with lichen and striated leaf

Since the New Year I have been creating new pieces. Somehow a new flight of creativity has come my way. This uses two types of lichen (from the Native American fishing grounds of the Klickitat river, and the Deschutes) for color and texture, and a striated banana leaf (from the botanic gardens in Sydney). (and again the lovely Zhalih)

I use lichen because of the visual forms and metaphoric connotations. Mutualism, slow growth in time, complexity of form and pattern.

From Dictionary of the Fungi (Hawksworth et al., 1995)

"A lichen is a ecologically obligate, stable mutualism between an exhabitant fungal partner and an inhabitant population of extracellularly located unicellulary or filamentous algal or cyanobacterial cells."

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

A Leaf for Sokhak

Blue Period

Recombined and reenvisioned, with the color blue, architectural textures, for a New Year.

And a "real" photograph with leaves, reflections, a fall day at the holding pond at Eagle Creek. I have lately been finding photographs to take that are like my experimental portraits; layered, with reflection, decay, pattern.