Saturday, December 20, 2008

Experimental Photography Show

Last month, Heather Browne and I put on an Experimental Photography show, at Melissa Sillitoe's Gallery at the Everett Street lofts.

We had a fantastic opening and closing party. Read the review.

The Show and Tell Gallery Podcast #6
By Luke Lefler November 8, 2008

A warm, drier evening had replaced the cold drizzle of the afternoon. "These are my FRIENDS," James Honzik exuded, among them Heather Browne`whose black and white photography graced the walls of The Show and Tell Gallery, along with James' portraiture. Walt Curtis misbehaved his ever-charming self, while Heather and even Melissa Sillitoe each read a poem. Crow Canyon brought a whole bunch of people (as well as
the PA - thanks!) and deliberated over surf-folk and electro lullabyes. Dusty Santamaria sang, read poems, bled black tears, and backed up James' broken blues and Walt's bitten ballads. A couple of songwriters-in-attendance enlisted towards the end - the very end, when they lock the doors and everything. In the end, it was just another passion-fueled First Thursday opening. For now, The Show and Tell Gallery Podcast lives here.

Heather's black and white, hand printed work is exquisitely beautiful. She utilizes multiple exposures, overprinting, and painting on negatives to make her abstract, yet evocative work.

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