Saturday, December 20, 2008

Experimental Photography Show

Last month, Heather Browne and I put on an Experimental Photography show, at Melissa Sillitoe's Gallery at the Everett Street lofts.

We had a fantastic opening and closing party. Read the review.

The Show and Tell Gallery Podcast #6
By Luke Lefler November 8, 2008

A warm, drier evening had replaced the cold drizzle of the afternoon. "These are my FRIENDS," James Honzik exuded, among them Heather Browne`whose black and white photography graced the walls of The Show and Tell Gallery, along with James' portraiture. Walt Curtis misbehaved his ever-charming self, while Heather and even Melissa Sillitoe each read a poem. Crow Canyon brought a whole bunch of people (as well as
the PA - thanks!) and deliberated over surf-folk and electro lullabyes. Dusty Santamaria sang, read poems, bled black tears, and backed up James' broken blues and Walt's bitten ballads. A couple of songwriters-in-attendance enlisted towards the end - the very end, when they lock the doors and everything. In the end, it was just another passion-fueled First Thursday opening. For now, The Show and Tell Gallery Podcast lives here.

Heather's black and white, hand printed work is exquisitely beautiful. She utilizes multiple exposures, overprinting, and painting on negatives to make her abstract, yet evocative work.

Friday, October 10, 2008

an experiment in progress

2 solid nights, busting my chops, making this in Processing. It needs a little work, but I like it. I need a piece of music for this. Watch it in the full screen mode (click the 4 arrows by the lower right hand corner)

experimental video

dissolution and composition from James Honzik on Vimeo.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Post Singularity - two visions

Two visual science fiction stories.

Lichen, rust, and corrosion.

Rust is slow fire and lichen, the symbiotic fusion of fungi and photosynthetic bacteria.

Lichen colonies have been found to be 5000 year old; slowly growing their way through an eon, and somehow, layered on skin, rust has turned golden.

The metal framework appropriated from Rem Koolhaus and Frank Gehry, (I wandered through dusk in Seattle for these architectural fragments) along with crystalline basalt.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Experimental portraits

A video of my work.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Winter in Yellowstone

I spent two days at Yellowstone National Park this winter, January 7th and 8th, 2008. I've been driving back and forth on highway 90 for years, seeing the exit signs for Yellowstone, not realizing it was so close. You drive into the park from Livingston, Montana. It's about 60 miles south.

The park's headquarters is at Mammoth Springs, and in winter, the only park road open for automobile traffic is through the Lamar Valley to Cooke City, on the Parks NE corner.

It's a fantastic landscape. Brutal, stark, severe, eerie, awe inspiring, otherworldly.

The first day I stayed close to the headquarters, walking around Mammoth hot springs. Steam and limpid pools, subtle colors and skeleton trees. Terraces of milky stone.

Second day, I drove down a two lane blacktop, dusted with snow, curving through a forest of ghost tree skeletons, remnants of the fire 0f 1998, into the wide spaces of the Lamar Valley. It's winter, and the animal population have moved down from the mountains. Elk by the side of the road. Hundreds of buffalo graze on the plains, plowing through the snow with their thick heads.

At the end of my drive, I stopped to look through a telescope, and saw a fantastic vision of nature. A wolf had killed an elk, and about 40 ravens were swirling densely around in the air, some were perched on the antlers of the downed elk. The wolf was on the carcass. Wolf and ravens were dark, in motion, silhouetted against the white snow. It was a vision into primeval nature. I stepped back from the telescope, stunned. (and then a ranger explained the complex interdependence/relationship, between wolf and raven.)

That afternoon I took a Snocat tour into the Norris geyser basin, walking through thick powder, past subtle and beautiful colors in pools, hues of archaea, bacteria, eukarya; whiteness of steam, ice and thick powder snow, stark silhouetted trees, wilderness pure and beautiful under cool, luminous sun.