Monday, May 07, 2007

Time Factory: Alternate Titles

Time as Façade
Time Abstract into the Machinery
The Machinery of Fabrication in Industrial Plants.
I am Factory.
In Search of Lost Time.
A Book of Glass and Steel.
The Geometry of Mechanical Time.
Lives constructed from a Framework of Mutated Time.
Three Characters on a Framework of Industrial Time.
The Algebra of Steel and the Geometry of Destiny.
Time as Material Substance in an Economy of Terror.
The Interpolation of the Forgotten into an Abstract Economy
Witless Certitude and a Government of Fear
Spirals of Cut Time
Abstraction and the Certitude of Remembrance.
The Costs of Epistemic Purchase
A Purchase of Formed Steel
A Garden of Metallic Figures
The Cost and Quantity of Purchased Steel
Abstract Images of an Industrial Wasteland

The Color of Cut Time
The Color and Texture of Cut Time
Time Considered as Industrial Material
His Eyes were old as Time
Time Junkie!
An Addiction to Fabricated Temporal Reality
She Was Impaled on the Fabric of Cut Time
Woven from a Fabric of Cut Time
A Purchase on the Fabric of Cut Time
Woven from the Fibers of Time
The Calculus of Interrogated Machinery
Infinite Mechanisms and their Industrial Genesis
She was Made of Time as Glass and Shattered
If Time was Glass and Shattered like Dreams
A Broken Purchase, Shattered, Metallic
Strained Glass Black Time, Infinite, Metallic
An Abstract Purchase Hard on Textured Ground
Time Orchestras of Metal, Glass and Tears
Abstract Time Spun to Tears and Steel
Broken the Time, Falling in Steel, go Blue
Needles inject Time as loss into you
Metal, Time, Dreams, Pray, Tears, Falling, Stone, Ashes
We Turn on Steel in the Shattered Night.

Here is some of my novella, The Time Factory

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