Thursday, December 14, 2006

City Lights

At the corner of Columbus and Broadway,
I always see a big man,
white beard, distinguished,
sitting on the corner, as if on a throne.
I have been told he is an ancient god,
a Zeus or Thor,
who has forgotten his own name.

One night I watched closely.
He was staring down Columbus.
I turned and looked.

Full moon in night sky
burned like a hungry eye
through misty low clouds.

The city a fabric of light,
folded with grace over hills.
patterns spelling out a poetry of
hieroglyphic symbols

The moon drifted slowly
toward the edge of the Transamerica Pyramid
aircraft in pattern
moved across the night.
Does he dream of the sons of Daedulus?

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  1. Nice post here. The poet on city light is too beautiful and heart touching.